The Girlfriends Series

                                                  Kiare                              Sydney                        Lisa                      Doreen


      Sydney, Lisa, and Doreen met that very first day of registration at Columbia University. It was a nightmare for them. Locating the registrar office, and scheduling their classes, and then submitting their schedules in to find out the classes had filled up. But they got through it.

     Lisa was from Rock, Hill, South Carolina, Doreen is from Summerville, South Carolina and Sydney was the only Native New Yorker. These three ladies bonded that day, and five years later, their friendship is stronger than ever. Sydney and Lisa both have vivacious personalities, and Doreen is the quiet soul who kept them in line. 

     Kiare and Lisa have been best friends since they were six-years-old. She has matured from those days of being a bitchy, selfish, and always getting her way type of girl. She’s been happily married for the past three years to Lewis Reed. Her life will take an unexpected turn, as she is blindsided by love?



                                             Sydney's story, Unfinished Business



A Marriage of Convenience

Abandoned by her fiance ten days before their wedding day,

enters, ex-lover, Phoenix Sanders.

He'll only marry her on his terms...

Will they live happily ever after?



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                                                        Lisa's story, Against My Will





What lengths will Lisa take to receive funding for her Bed

and Breakfast?

Business woman, Lisa Roberts, wishes to purchase a Bed & Breakfast.

Will Lisa give in to her mother's manipulative demands?

Corporate attorney Parker Ian Mackenzie,

the boy next door has been in love with Lisa since they were kids.

She found him inept, until now.

Will Lisa use her body to obtain funding for her B & B?



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                                                       Doreen's story, Finding Love Again



Home is where the heart is

A snow blizzard leaves Doreen stranded in NYC missing Christmas holiday with her family.

Tyler is ecstatic to see Doreen when their cancelled flight leaves them stranded for the holiday.

What better way to spend Christmas Day then in the arms of her first lover.


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                                        Kiare's Story, Blindsided By Love


Blindsided By Love, Book Four,  Chick-lit. Girlfriends Series, is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Devastated over the passing of her husband, Lewis Reed, Kiare is still reeling six months later. Her doctor prescribes medication to help her sleep at night, and under the influence Kiare dreams that Lewis has return to her. He makes love to her once again, and she awakens invigorating, and ready to face life again.


Will Kiare continue to mourn a dead man?


Spencer Reed, Lewis’s older brother has been in love with his sister-in-law since his brother first introduced her to the family. A carpenter by trade, he’s spent many hours rebuilding his brother’s home. After leaving his tool box in his sister in-law’s master bathroom, he stops by her home early one morning to retrieve it. That event sparks a chain of fireworks just waiting to go off.  When Spencer reveals a secret that leaves Kiare reeling, will she allow him in her life or will he lose her forever?








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